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Video: Patrick Murphy backer Alex Sink says he should debate Alan Grayson

via @adamsmithtimes

Former CFO and Democratic candidate for governor Alex Sink appeared as part of another star-studded panel on WEDU's Florida This Week in Tampa Bay last week and said it was "bad for democracy" that her favored U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy refused to participate in a televised debate with Democrat Alan Grayson.

"The optics look bad, I believe, for our candidates not to be willing to get up in front of the public and let the voters decide for themselves," Sink said. "I wish Patrick would get up and make his case for why he should be the nominee for the Democratic side, and likewise, I believe Marco Rubio ought to be out there debating Carlos Beruff."

Hillsborough GOP Chairman and former state Rep. Deborah Tamargo agreed that both Rubio and Murphy should debate their primary opponents. The segment starts at about 10:20: