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Ana Navarro on being an anti-Trump Republican

via @learyreports

Miami's Ana Navarro is featured in the New York Times Magazine's weekly interview.

You and the other anti-Trump Republicans have been embraced by a lot of liberals because of the gusto with which you’ve gone after Trump. Does that feel a little strange for you?

Navarro: It’s very mercurial. The liberals love you until you say something critical about Hillary Clinton. People have a complete inability to see the flaws in their candidates. God forbid you criticize the blurred lines between the Clinton philanthropy business and political worlds.

But the stuff that she’s done, or even has the appearance of impropriety about, is just a different category from being an unstable demagogue.

Navarro: Yes, agreed. Her flaws are within the boundaries of the human race. Donald Trump’s flaws are somewhere in the Martian category.

What do you find so personally valuable about the party?

Navarro: I fled communism as a child. That’s an experience that can shape you forever. The Republican Party that I recognize and that I’m a part of fought communism and totalitarianism, and it just marked me with a loyalty toward those values that I can’t just simply let go of. You don’t leave bad relationships unless you’re in love with somebody else, and Hillary Clinton doesn’t fill my love tank.

That is a terrible piece of relationship advice.

Navarro: To each his own.

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--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times