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Clinton releases new Spanish-language ads, including one with Cuban-American Republican


Hillary Clinton's campaign unveiled its first two Spanish-language TV ads in several months on Wednesday, including one airing only in Florida and featuring a Cuban-American Republican.

Carlos Gutierrez, the U.S. commerce secretary under President George W. Bush, says he is "an American first" in an ad titled "País Primero," or Country First.

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“Vote for Trump? I can’t,” the Cuban-born Gutierrez says into the camera. “It’s dangerous, and we can’t go back. Hillary Clinton has the experience, and I trust her.”

(Gutierrez's support for President Barack Obama's rapprochement policy toward Cuba has upset some of his longtime hardline exile friends in Miami.)


The second ad, to air in Florida and Nevada, is titled "Verdadera Fuerza," or Real Strength, and highlights Clinton's work for children -- juxtaposed with Trump's infamous comments about some Mexicans crossing the U.S. border being criminals.

"Because he yells and insults, Donald Trump thinks he's got strength," a narrator says, as words on the screen say, "The hatred of Donald Trump." The ad also urges viewers to register to vote.

Some Democrats have quietly worried that Clinton hasn't done enough to appeal to Hispanics in the general election. They fear taking the Latino vote for granted could weaken the so-called Obama coalition that Clinton will need to reassemble to try to win in November.

Clinton's campaign released a Spanish-language ad in June. It aired during the Copa América soccer tournament final, and featured a Colombian-American woman from Miami.