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Democrats slam Curbelo on environment, immigration in pair of TV ads


And now, for a little bit of congressional counterprogramming.

Miami Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo and his allies have been on the Miami TV airwaves for weeks, promoting him as a moderate lawmaker who ably represents his Democratic-leaning Westchester-to-Key West district, especially when it comes to issues like climate change.

On Tuesday, the Democratic Party stepped in to challenge that message.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a pair of TV ads: one slamming Curbelo on the environment, and the other on immigration. Both try to tie him to Donald Trump, though Curbelo has criticized and refused to back his party's presidential nominee.

The environment-themed ad shows Curbelo on an oil rig on the Gulf of Mexico and says he favors offshore drilling.

The immigration-themed ad notes that Curbelo's super PAC, which he said he created to support fellow pro-immigration reform Republicans, gave money to some GOP lawmakers who've appeared unlikely to share Curbelo's position. 

These are the DCCC's first TV ads of the election cycle in Florida's 26th congressional district. The party has been airing a Spanish-language radio spot attacking Curbelo -- and supporting Democratic challenger Joe Garcia.

"It's obvious that the DCCC is in full-blown panic mode after their endorsed candidate, Annette Taddeo, narrowly lost her primary to the scandal-plagued Joe Garcia," National Republican Campaign Committee spokesman Chris Pack said in a statement. "This is nothing more than an attempt to distract from Garcia's comments where he used having sex with Hillary Clinton to discuss her qualifications to serve as president."