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Diaz de la Portilla releases commercials in Florida Senate race


With Democrats gunning for his Florida Senate seat, District 37 incumbent Miguel Diaz de la Portilla has released two commercials touting his support for the working class and pushing back against attacks that label him as beholden to special interests.

"Spectator politicians like to brand others as supportive of special interests," Diaz de la Portilla, wearing a blue dress shirt sans tie, says to the camera in one 30-second ad that touts endorsements from firefighters, nurses and teachers. " When you stand with your community, your community stands with you."


A second commercial focuses on his endorsement from the United Teachers of Dade, and features three public school teachers from Royal Green Elementary, Whispering Pines Elementary, and G.W. Carver Middle School. In a statement attributed to deputy campaign manager Alexandra Castillo, the Republican incumbent's campaign said the commercials highlight Diaz de la Portilla's "lifelong ties to his community," while also rebuking his opponent's "dark money financed smear campaign."

"It is an affirmation of Miguel's lifelong ties to his community, which stands in stark contrast to his opponent parachuting into the district to pursue his political ambitions," the statement said about the first commercial. "There is a sharp and distinct difference between these two men and the ad makes that clear."


Diaz, whose district was redrawn over the last year to make it more competitive, faces a challenge from Democratic State Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez. Rodriguez, with backing from the party and political committees, has attacked Diaz de la Portilla as a lobbyist with inappropriate ties to special interests. Diaz de la Portilla (an attorney who registers as a lobbyist while representing clients before local South Florida governments) fires back that Rodriguez, a trial lawyer, is a political climber with no record of accomplishment.

The election is in November.