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In Broward, Clinton doesn't mention Trump and Cuban embargo

@PatriciaMazzei @dchangmiami

Though she was in South Florida on Friday, home to the biggest Cuban-American population in the country, Hillary Clinton did not mention a bombshell Newsweek report Thursday that Donald Trump’s hotel and casino company broke the U.S. trade embargo in 1998. Earlier Friday, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said Clinton shouldn’t criticize Trump over the report given that she wants to do away with the embargo.

“It’s kind of hypocritical to be out there screaming about this when she supports lifting the embargo and making it easier for everyone to invest,” he said.

Clinton had told reporters in Ohio on Thursday that despite her position, it mattered that Trump’s business might have secretly broken U.S. law.

On a conference call with reporters Friday, Republican National Committeewoman Sharon Day of Fort Lauderdale dismissed the Cuba question as a dated allegation unimportant to Florida voters.

“Their real concern is about jobs and what we’re going to do for America, not about something that is reported to have happened 20 years ago,” she said.