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Mike Fernandez makes it official: He's for Clinton

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Miami billionaire Republican Mike Fernandez formally endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president Thursday, as he promised to do last year if Donald Trump became the GOP nominee.

Fernandez questioned Trump’s qualifications, calling him “abysmally unfit candidate” who “has unleashed racist and violent acts.”

“No longer can we seek solace in wishful thinking or the illusion that this is just an election cycle and that by divine intervention all will be better after we vote,” Fernandez wrote in a Miami Herald op-ed published Thursday. “There is no basis in thinking that our democracy is so strong, our checks and balances so finely hedged, that no single person can lead us off the precipice. Trump can.”

Fernandez, a top Jeb Bush donor, told the Herald in December he intended to vote for Clinton if — as he expected —Trump secured the nomination.

“As a Republican who has contributed millions of dollars to the party’s causes, I ask: Why has our party not sought a psychological evaluation of its nominee?” Fernandez wrote in the op-ed.

The healthcare executive has long been an outspoken Trump critic, repeatedly buying ads in the Herald and other local newspapers across the country to blast the New York developer. The most recent ad, in July, portrayed Trump as a poisonous scorpion.

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Photo credit: Peter Andrew Bosch, Miami Herald staff