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Murphy's first TV ad mocks Rubio attendance with game of 'Marco Polo'


Patrick Murphy's first TV ad of the general election starts with a quintessential Florida scene: two little boys playing in a swimming pool.

The game? "Marco Polo." The kicker? One of the boys leaves the pool -- leaving his buddy plaintively asking, "Marco? Marco? Marco?"

The message: Marco Rubio has a poor attendance record in the U.S. Senate.

"It's not a game when our senator doesn't show up," Murphy says into the screen. "Solving problems means showing up, showing independence and working together."

Murphy, a Democratic congressman from Jupiter, is hoping to unseat the Republican Rubio in part by arguing Rubio spent too much time away from the job while running for president. PolitiFact rated a recent Murphy statement accusing Rubio of having the "worst vote attendance record of any Florida senator in nearly 50 years" as Mostly True.

Rubio has pointed out he didn't miss votes that would have been decided by a single senator -- and that other presidential candidates in the Senate, including Bernie Sanders of Vermont, also stayed away from the chamber to campaign.

Murphy has challenged Rubio to commit himself to a full, six-year Senate term if he's reelected. Rubio has challenged Murphy to six Senate-campaign debates. 

Elsewhere in the ad, Murphy says he worked "to protect women's health care" and "to stops cuts to Medicare" -- two issues important to female and senior voters in swing-state Florida.

"Like Marco Polo, Patrick Murphy relied on his father's riches to go around telling tall tales and exaggerating his accomplishments," Rubio spokesman Michael Ahrens said in a statement responding to the ad. "Given that Murphy named his ad after Polo, it's fitting that this aristocrat is lying about his own horrible attendance record in Congress and his support for liberal policies like Obamacare that cut Medicare."


This post has been updated with the response from Rubio's campaign.