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Rubio hopes Trump's views on 'thug' Putin will change

The Guardian asked Marco Rubio about Donald Trump's "fondness" for Vladimir Putin:

“Look, I have tremendous policy disagreements with President Obama, but Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian thug who is accountable to no one,” Rubio told the Guardian.

“I don’t think what Vladimir Putin exhibits is leadership. I think what he exhibits is thuggery … and we should be clear-eyed about that,” he added, noting that Putin controlled the media, the military and often his political opponents were either imprisoned or found dead.

Asked by the Guardian if he was concerned that Trump had a penchant for commending Putin, despite those facts, Rubio said he was hopeful the candidate’s posture might evolve.

“My sense is those views will probably change once he understands better who Vladimir Putin truly is – that’s my hope,” responded the senator, who is backing Trump.

Story here.