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Clinton camp: $6M coming to down-ballot candidates in swing states, including Florida


Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook, said Monday it will send $6 million over the remaining three weeks before the election to help down-ballot Democrats in key swing states, including Florida.

"We are making dramatic enhancements to our coordinated efforts in seven key battleground states where obviously the presidential race is competitive," Mook said.

All seven states -- Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania -- have U.S. Senate races. In his Monday morning conference call with reporters, however, Mook didn't specifically say how much will go to each state or candidate. Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy of Jupiter is trying to unseat Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

National Democrats who had planned to spend big on Murphy ahead of Nov. 8 have been backing out of their TV ad buys, an indication that they've been discouraged by Rubio's consistent advantage in the polls. Rubio, who has stood by his endorsement of Donald Trump, has campaigned as a "check" on either a President Clinton or a President Trump.

Mook rejected that argument, even though Florida polls show both Clinton and Rubio leading their respective races -- suggesting a potential split-ticket effect on the ballot.

"I don't think [voters are] looking at this through the prism so much of check and balances," Mook said. "I think voters want their president and their members of Congress to get something done, and I think it's concerning to them to see there's Republican Senate and House and in some cases gubernatorial candidates make these political calculations."

Clinton has been fundraising for a "coordinated" campaign with state Democratic parties. Her team has opened offices across Florida in conjunction with the Florida Democratic Party. They're intended to save congressional and legislative candidates money on office rent and other overhead costs.

Among the South Florida candidates backed by the campaign are Murphy for Senate, Joe Garcia for congressional district 26, Randy Perkins for congressional district 18, José Javier Rodríguez for state Senate district 37, Daisy Baez for state representative district 114 and Ivette Gonzalez Petkovich for state representative district 103.