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Democratic challenger hits Ros-Lehtinen on TV over Cuba


In a play to win over Hispanic and independent voters, Miami Democrat Scott Fuhrman is using his first TV ads as a congressional candidate to cast Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen as out of touch on one of her signature issues: Cuba policy.

Fuhrman's ads, which started airing Tuesday in English and Spanish, begin with a clip from President Barack Obama's historic speech earlier this year in Havana. 

"I offer the Cuban people el saludo de paz," Obama said -- the greeting of peace.

Then it cuts to Fuhrman.

"Historic: opening the U.S. to Cuba. A chance at a better life for millions of Cubans. For Cubans here, a chance to finally visit home," he says. "But Ileana Ros-Lehtinen clutches to the past, standing in the way of progress, turning her back on the Cuban people."

Fuhrman concludes by saying, "I will support the president's leadership -- not stand in his way." If he were to defeat Ros-Lehtinen, though, he'd only serve a few days under Obama before a new president came into the White House.

Fuhrman's campaign said the $250,000 ad buy will play over the next 10 days on local stations and cable.

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