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Diaz-Balart airs first reelection campaign ad, in Spanish


U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart has little to worry about when it comes to his reelection race. The Miami Republican faces a nominal challenge from Democrat Alina Valdes, an unknown, first-time candidate.

But Diaz-Balart's name is still on the ballot. And though his 25th congressional district stretches into red Southwest Florida, he's from blue Miami-Dade County.

Taking no chances, Diaz-Balart began airing his first TV ad of the campaign this week, on Spanish-language television in Miami. Its release coincided with the mailing of absentee ballots to domestic voters.

"We;re living in uncertain times," Diaz-Balart says in a serious tone. "Families working more and earning less. We can't continue down this path."

Congress should cut taxes, reduce the national debt and "defeat terrorism," he continues.

"I'm Mario Diaz-Balart and I approve this message to keep fighting for our values," he concludes.