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Everything is awesome inside Trump rally


Trump lakeland
via @adamsmithtimes @MichaelAuslen

LAKELAND -- Outside the security perimeter at Lakeland Linder Airport on Wednesday, Donald Trump faced grim polls in the battleground states, TV pundits still talking about House Speaker Paul Ryan refusing to campaign with him, and political pros speculating about Trump losing even overwhelmingly Republican states like Utah.

Inside the fences, all was good in Trump world.

Polls showing Hillary Clinton pulling away? Bunk.

“The numbers that come out are never factual,” said Kelli Woodside, 46, of Plant City, echoing so many of the thousands of other Trump supporters who turned out in the middle of a weekday to see the candidate. “There’s always a pile of people at Trump rallies, and not so much at Hillary’s so you can’t tell me those numbers are all factual. The Democrats are also much more vocal than Republicans. To me it looks like we’re in much better shape than they say they are.”

That 'Access Hollywood' tape of Trump talking about how he gropes and kisses women whether they welcome it or not? No biggie.

“I bought ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ and I have three grandsons. Boys are going to be boys. They’re going to talk. I’ve heard women make worse comments than that about what they’d like to do to men that walk by,” said Jennifer McCourt. “Actions speak louder than words, and Slick Billy, his actions spoke really big.”

“I say the same things Trump did about a good-looking guy, and I’m 72 years old,” agreed Judy McCourt, her mother-in-law. “Now, I’ve not seen Trump’s back side too much, but I’d like to.”

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Photo credit: Evan Vucci, Associated Press