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'Insurance tycoon' defends himself against Diaz de la Portilla's attacks


Chris Findlater isn't running for Florida's Senate District 37, but his name has been evoked this election season almost as often as Republican incumbent Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla and Democratic challenger State Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez.

Due to his significant financial support of Rodriguez's campaign -- more on that here -- Findlater has been accused by Diaz de la Portilla of trying to buy influence in the state legislature. The argument is a key counterpoint for the Republican senator, a land-use and government attorney who has been attacked aggressively for lobbying municipal boards by Rodriguez, the Florida Democratic Party and a political committee chaired by Findlater.

In turn, Diaz de la Portilla and Republicans are telling voters that Rodriguez owes big favors to an "insurance tycoon" who is bankrolling his campaign. The "tycoon" is a veiled reference to Findlater, who formerly owned NetQuote, an online insurance marketplace.

Findlater has stayed mum through the campaign. But Sunday evening, after Diaz de la Portilla mentioned him by name in a televised debate, Findlater took to Facebook to defend himself. Here's his post: