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Internal poll: Amendment 2 has 74 percent support


A poll released Friday by United for Care, the group backing a constitutional amendment to expand medical marijuana in Florida, shows that 74 percent of likely voters.

It's largely in line with other polls conducted over the last several months, which suggest more than 70 percent of voters could pass Amendment 2 in November's election. It takes 60 percent to pass a constitutional amendment, and a similar measure failed with 58 percent of the vote in 2014.

Amendment 2 would allow doctors to recommend marijuana for patients who suffer from conditions such as epillepsy, cancer and glaucoma.

"Importantly, support today is 13 (percentage points) greater than internal surveys taken three weeks from the 2014 election," said Kevin Akins, pollster for Anzalone Liszt Grove, the firm that conducted the poll for United for Care, in a statement.

The phone poll, which included 800 likely Florida voters between Oct. 17 and 20, has a margin of error of 3.59 percent.

Polls often dip for constitutional amendments as Election Day approaches and opposing campaigns ramp up their efforts. That happened in 2014.

The lead group opposing medical marijuana, No on 2, has been running TV ads across the state for weeks. They have about $300,000 on hand, according to state records. United for Care has about $800,000.

Both groups have access to big donors who could drop surprise checks to fund advertising in the final weeks of the campaign.