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Miami-Dade leading the way as more than 1 million have voted

More than 1 million voters have already cast ballots in the presidential election in Florida.

The state reported Friday that 997,123 people have voted by mail, but the posted total will easy surpass 1 million as county election supervisors report updated tallies throughout the day Friday.

Democrats have bolted to a lead in the number of mail ballots provided, but Republicans lead in ballot returns by 1.8 percentage points (416,778 returns to 399,434 for Democrats, according to the mid-morning snapshot Friday).

County-by-county, Miami-Dade is No. 1 in mail ballot returns with about 269,000, followed by Pinellas, Broward, Orange and Palm Beach. All five counties voted Democratic in the 2012 presidential election.

The total number of mail ballots provided as of Friday morning was 2,104,917.

Early voting will begin on Monday in most of the state as 50 of Florida's 67 counties open libraries, city halls, elections offices and community centers for voting. Monday also marks the first day that counties can begin to review mail ballots, which will trigger a new provision that allows mail-ballot voters with signature defects to correct their ballots in time for them to be counted.