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Murphy casts Rubio as Trump lackey at Clinton rally


Patrick Murphy ripped into Marco Rubio as a backward science skeptic Tuesday, using a Hillary Clinton rally on climate change as a backdrop to score points against the Republican incumbent.

Murphy got five minutes on stage ahead of Clinton's event at Miami Dade College's Kendall Campus, the first time the Jupiter congressman appeared behind the microphone at a Florida campaign stop for the Democratic presidential nominee, who has endorsed him. Murphy's moment in the spotlight came just a few hours after Rubio had refused to withdraw his support for Donald Trump over an explosive 2005 recording showing Trump bragging about making unwanted sexual advances at women.

While Murphy alluded to Trump's "misogynistic attacks," he didn't inform the crowd of Rubio's most recent statement backing Trump. He just continued tying the two Republicans together.

"When Donald Trump goes low, Marco Rubio is right there with him," Murphy said, referring to a line by First Lady Michelle Obama and adopted by Clinton that when Republicans "go low, we go high."

Murphy instead offered a morsel or two about himself -- "I could swim before I could walk and fish before I could talk" -- and emphasized Democrats' defense of the environment.

"Sen. Rubio stands with Sen. Trump and refused to protect our environment," Murphy said. "When presented with the overwhelming scientific existence of climate change, Marco Rubio's quote was, 'I'm not a scientist.'

"Senator, you don't need to be a scientist -- look out the window!"

Murphy called himself a "millennial" and got a decent round of applause -- but he didn't get to introduce Clinton. He was followed instead by a round of pop music.

When she arrived, Clinton gave Murphy a shout-out saying she hopes he'll be the next U.S. senator for Florida.