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New ads target Democrat Patrick Murphy over Iran deal

 Another $2.4 million in negative ads directed at Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy are on the way.

The Senate Leadership Fund launched a 30-second television ad and two 60-second radio ads that mostly take aim at Murphy for his support of the Iran nuclear deal.

It's far from the first time U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and Senate Republicans have tried to make the Iran deal an issue in the election. In August the National Republican Senatorial Committee took aim at Murphy over it. And last month, Rubio took to Twitter and slammed Murphy for being "weak on national security and terrorism" because of his support for the Iran nuclear deal and his voting against a bill in the House that would barred any future cash payments to Iran. That bill was a response to a $400 million payment the U.S. made to Iran early this year, which Republicans have called a "ransom" payment since it coincided with the release of four Americans held by Iran. (The Obama administration rejects that assertion and says the money was part of an overdue settlement owed to Iran.) 

Here is the new ad from the Senate Leadership Fund, which has said it plans to spend $10.8 million this fall against Murphy and in support of Rubio.