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Rubio: Clinton mishandling classified info more likely than Trump launching nuclear codes


Marco Rubio famously -- or infamously -- said as a Republican presidential candidate that he wouldn't trust Donald Trump with the nation's nuclear launch codes.

He has never backed away from that position, despite of his continued support for Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Pressed on that position in a WFOR-TV new interview Sunday morning, Rubio said it's more likely for a President Clinton to mishandle classified information than for a President Trump to have to launch nuclear weapons.

"I have deep concerns about her handling of classified information, which, in fact, in the real daily -- on a daily basis -- is actually much likelier than either one of these two people starting a nuclear war," Rubio said on "Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede."

"What's likely is she would mishandle classified information -- or, in her pattern of secrecy, she would create a governmental scandal that would create incredibly uncertainty in our country, as you are seeing now in this campaign," he continued. "Imagine now if the two months into her presidency, Hillary Clinton is indicted, the kind of trauma that would put our country through."

The interview hardly touched on Rubio's rival, Democrat Patrick Murphy.