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Analysis shows Miami voters crossed party lines to support Curbelo and Ros-Lehtinen -- and Clinton

An new analysis of how Florida's congressional districts voted in November by Democratic data guru Matt Isbell shows that voters crossed party lines heavily in two Miami-Dade districts to re-elect Republican incumbents, despite overwhelmingly support for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Florida Congressional Districts Trump v Clinton

Isbell's data shows that if voters who supported Clinton had stuck with Democrats in the congressional vote, there would be 14 Repubicans in Florida's congressional delegation and 13 Democrats, instead of 16-11 split that was elected.

The principle takeaway: the partisan battleground lies in Miami but the battle grounds are already clear for 2018: newly-elected Democratic Congressman Charlie Crist better be wary, his district barely embraced Clinton; and Republican U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart's Miami district also only narrowly gave Trump the edge. 

The crossover votes came in Miami District 26, where Republican U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo fended off a challenge from his former rival, Democrat Joe Garcia 53 to 41 percent, with independent Jose Peixoto getting 6 percent of the vote. In Miami District 27, where Republican U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen kept her decades long hold on an otherwise Democratic district by defeating Democrat Mark Fuhrman 55 to 45 percent. 

Here's the breakdown via Matt Isbell of @mcimaps: 

District 1 - elected Republican Matt Gaetz and backed Trump 67.5 percent

District 2 - elected Republican Neal Dunn and voted for Trump 66 percent

District 3 - re-elected Republican Ted Yoho and support for Trump was 56.1 percent

District 4 - elected Republican John Rutherford and voted for Trump 61.9 percent

District 5 - elected Democrat Al Lawson and voted for Clinton 60.6 percent

District 6 - re-elected Republican Ron DeSantis and supported Trump 56.8 percent

District 7 - elected Democrat Stephanie Murphy, defeating incumbent Republican John Mica and voted for Clinton 51.7 percent while Trump only received 44.4 percent

District 8 - re-elected Republican Bill Posey and supported Trump 58.4 percent

District 9 - elected Democrat Darren Soto and supported Clinton 54.7 percent

District 10 - elected Democrat Val Demings and supported Clinton 61.9 percent

District 11 - elected Republican Dan Webster, who moved to a new district, and supported Trump 64.8 percent

District 12 - re-elected Republican Gus Bilirakis and supported Trump 57.3 percent

District 13 - elected Democrat Charlie Crist, defeating incumbent Republican David Jolly and narrowly embracing Clinton with 49.1 percent to Trump's 45.9 percent

District 14 - re-elected Democrat Kathy Castor and voted for Clinton 57.1 percent

District 15 - re-elected Republican Dennis Ross and supported Trump 56.2 percent

District 16 - re-elected Republican Vern Buchanan and voted for Trump 53.6 percent

District 17 - re-elected Republican Tom Rooney and voted for Trump 62 percent

District 18 - elected Republican Brian Mast, replacing Democrat Patrick Murphy and also went for Trump 53.3 percent

District 19 - re-elected Republican Francis Rooney and supported Trump with 59.1 percent

District 20 - re-elected Democrat Alcee Hastings and voted for Clinton 79.8 percent

District 21 - re-elected Democrat Lois Frankel and supported Clinton 58.5 percent

District 22 - re-elected Democrat Ted Deutch and supported Clinton 56.4 percent

District 23 - re-elected Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz and supported Clinton 61.4 percent

District 24 - re-elected Democrat Frederica Wilson and voted for Clinton 83 percent

District 25 - re-elected Republican Mario Diaz Balart but gave Trump a narrow victory with 49.6 percent to Clinton's 48 percent

District 26 - re-elected Republican Carlos Curbelo voted for Clinton 56.8 percent

District 27 - re-elected Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen voted for Clinton 58.4 percent