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Dreamers in Florida brace for Trump's immigration actions


Few states in the nation stand to be more affected by Donald Trump’s pledge to repeal President Barack Obama’s executive order related to immigration than Florida.

Trump has pledged to repeal an executive order that grants temporary protection from deportation for Dreamers, people brought to the United States at a young age by undocumented parents but who have lived in the U.S. since 2012.

The latest federal statistics show that of the 1.3 million applications approved or renewed, more than half came from the combination of California, Texas, Illinois, New York and Florida. According to the data by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, just over 50,000 applications or renewals have been approved for Dreamers in Florida.

California leads the way with about 367,000 applications and renewals approved. Texas is second with almost 204,000. Next are Illinois and New York with almost 70,000 and 63,000 each.

Advocacy groups like United We Dream are vowing to protect Dreamers from deportation proceedings, but how exactly is still unclear.

"The fear and the anxiety and the concern in our community is real," said Cristina Jiminez co-founder and Managing Director of the United We Dream Network.

The vast majority of the applications and renewals approved since 2012 have come from people originally from Mexico. Federal records show 988,000 come from Mexico. The next closest country of origin is El Salvador with at least 46,000. Those countries are follow by Guatemala (31,000), Honduras (30,000) and South Korea (16,000).