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Map: Here's where Floridians voted 'yes' on medical marijuana in 2014

In one week, voting ends — and Florida could become the latest state to legalize medical marijuana.

Called Amendment 2 on ballots, an initiative seeks to let doctors recommend marijuana for patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy and other debilitating conditions.

This is the second time in as many years that Floridians have voted on medical marijuana. 

Recent polls suggest about 70 percent of likely voters support Amendment 2. But back in 2014, a similar amendment on the ballot failed with 57.6 percent of the vote — shy of the 60 percent required to pass.

It’s enlightening to look at a map of what parts of the state were strongholds for Amendment 2 in 2014.

Geographic and demographic trends emerge pretty quickly: The state’s largest urban counties tended to favor Amendment 2, as did Leon and Alachua counties, home of college towns Tallahassee and Gainesville. As well, notice a big block of “yes” votes in South Florida.

Opposition is shored up in rural areas of Central and North Florida. Traditionally conservative suburban areas in Collier and Nassau counties generally opposed Amendment 2 as well.

But note that even many counties where a majority of voters supported Amendment 2 — like Miami-Dade or Hillsborough — didn’t push past the 60-percent mark.

The most supportive counties: Monroe (71.8%), Broward (67.9%) and Leon (67.8%). And Amendment 2’s biggest opponents: Hardee (39.7%), Holmes (41.1%) and Sumter (42.3%).

You can explore our map below: