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Murphy camp responds to questions about Al-Rashid donations

via @learyreports

Patrick Murphy's campaign, at our prodding, responded this afternoon to questions about the candidate's in-tandem political donations with friend Ibrahim Al-Rashid, who may be the subject of a federal investigation.

Here is spokesman Joshua Karp's response in full:

"Patrick makes donations to people who he supports for public office. Some of these donations have been at fundraising events or in response to invitations.

While this has been a topic among right-wing bloggers, I don't really see what this story is about.



The list you are looking at lacks a lot of context...

Mitt Romney received $81,650 in donations from South Florida on 11/30/07.

Charlie Crist received $81,708 in donations from South Florida on 3/18/10.

Keith Fitzgerald received 68 donations on 6/29/12 and 6/30/12, with the vast majority coming from Florida.

Murphy and the Rashids donated to Steve Israel nearly two weeks apart.

The DCCC received 552 donations on 2/25/11.

Senator Nelson received $26,000 in donations from south Florida on 1/20/11. Stephen Bittel, a well known Democratic fundraiser, donated to Nelson on this date."

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times