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Pam Bondi: FBI not prosecuting Clinton proves 'the system is broken'


FBI Director James Comey on Sunday told Congress that nothing in newly discovered Hillary Clinton emails indicates that she should face charges.

But Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi says she still believes Clinton is not qualified for a job with a security clearance -- such as the presidency -- because she was "extremely careless."

Sunday afternoon, Bondi told Fox's Neil Cavuto that Clinton would have a hard time getting a security clearance. "How can we hav a preident who cannot have security clearance?" Bondi said. "That's unreal to me."

Comey alerted Congress earlier in the day that there was no need to change the FBI's decision not to recommend that charges be pressed.

To Bondi, one of Donald Trump's most prominent Florida supporters, that's proof that the mechanisms of government in Washington, D.C., aren't functioning as they're supposed to.

"This confirms everything Donald Trump's been saying about the system," Bondi said. "The system is dysfunctional. The system is broken. And Hillary Clinton is the system."

-- Miami Herald Tallahassee Bureau Chief Mary Ellen Klas contributed.