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Why Broward's vote counting was so slow on election night

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As election results poured in from around Florida Tuesday night, revealing at times a close race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, one key piece of data was missing: election-day voting results in Broward County.

Results from Florida’s bluest county, and its 1.2 million voters, were being closely watched by TV networks, newspapers, campaigns and voters around the nation.

“Oh man, anyone who lived through Bush/Gore totally constricts every sphincter when Broward County, Florida and slow election results are in the same sentence!” wrote one person on Facebook on election night.

Other observers were more conspiratorial, declaring that Broward must be trying to rig the election.

But the sluggish results were a result of nothing sinister. Just the slower process Broward uses to report results.

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Miami Herald photo by Marsha Halper