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Corcoran won't take attorney general's job if Gov. Rick Scott offers it

With Pam Bondi's departure for the Donald Trump administration seen as likely, Gov. Rick Scott may soon have the luxury of appointing a replacement attorney general through the next election in 2018, giving him two votes on the four-member Cabinet.

Speculation is rampant about possible choices, but here's one name you can scratch off the list of possibilities: House Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Land O'Lakes.

Picking Corcoran as Bondi's replacement would be a two-fer for Scott, as the governor also would solve a major political problem heading into the 2017 legislative session. Corcoran has displayed an eagerness to challenge Scott by taking aim at two of the governor's favorite programs to promote jobs and tourism, Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida, and more philosophical clashes lie ahead.

Corcoran is a lawyer whose name surfaced in the past as a possible candidate for A.G., but he's now viewed by many in the political world as laying the groundwork for a possible candidacy for governor in 2018. Corcoran tells the Times/Herald he would not take the attorney general's job even if Scott offers it up on a silver platter.

"No. Under no circumstances," Corcoran said in an interview. "I gave my word. I've given speeches on the floor that say that the measure of a man is how well he keeps his word, and I gave my word, and now I'll be giving my word, to 78 other Republicans and 41 other Democrats that I would serve as their speaker. ... You keep your word whatever the consequences are."