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Jeb Bush: 'Far left' has tried to tarnish Trump's EPA pick Pruitt

via @learyreports

More signs that Jeb Bush is digging Donald Trump’s administration …

In a piece for, Bush writes: “I cannot think of a person more suited to lead the Environmental Protection Agency than Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, someone who understands how to rein in an out-of-control bureaucracy and ensure that Washington focuses solely on its core functions.”

“The far left has tried to distort Pruitt's views in a lame attempt to make him into an anti-science boogeyman. The Scott Pruitt I know is far from it. Unlike liberals who want to shut down any rational debate about climate change, Pruitt has acknowledged human impact on the climate and supports a robust discussion about its effects and what the government should and shouldn't do to address it." ...

“I know Pruitt will be successful because I went through this process firsthand running for governor in Florida. Many Democrats claimed that my views were extreme and that I would ruin our beautiful and unique habitat. What they found was exactly the opposite. Applying conservative principles, we streamlined the bureaucracy, saved the state money and invested in Florida's environment, including setting out on a historic effort to restore America's Everglades -- something the federal government had failed to do."

Bush has made favorable comments about Trump's picks.