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President Trump at Mar-A-Lago, the 'winter White House,' this weekend



President Donald Trump will visit Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach this weekend, the first time since he became president.

But Trump, who promised never to take vacations, will be working at his lavish estate.

"On Friday, the President will depart from this White House to the winter White House down at Mar-a-Lago where he'll spend the weekend and be holding meetings," White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters Tuesday.

Trump's visits have created expensive headaches and transportation challenges for local government. The county asked members of Congress to help it get $7 million in federal funds and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office estimated Trump’s Thanksgiving visit to the island cost about $248,000 in overtime.

Earlier this month, the Palm Beach Town Council gave Trump permission to take off and land at Mar-a-Lago via helicopter during his “term(s) in office,” to alleviate motorcade traffic.