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One Trump protest near Mar-A-Lago cancelled, another one emerges



An organizer of a Saturday night protest at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate canceled his event, but other organizers say that a similar protest will still occur.

The protest will coincide with Trump’s weekend visit to his Palm Beach mansion — the first since he was inaugurated as president. The International Red Cross Ball is being held at his estate Saturday night.

Stephen Milo, an organizer of the “March to Mar-A-Lago for Humanity,” posted a notice on Facebook Thursday saying the event had been canceled because of the potential crowd size and impact on residents.

“There was no way to self manage thousand of protestors and keep them on sidewalks,” stated the Facebook page. He referred activists to an alternative march being organized by South Florida Activism.

Alex Newell Taylor, a West Palm Beach resident, said that South Florida Activism and Women’s March Florida are still planning to hold a protest.

The protest is now being called “March to Mar-a-Lago We Will Not Be Stopped.” On Facebook, at least 544 people said they were planning to attend as of late Thursday afternoon — fewer than the 1,700 listed on the earlier Facebook page.

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