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Philip Levine calls Richard Corcoran and House Republicans' idea 'Soviet'



What do you call a Republican-controlled House that's pushing to ban local governments from regulating business?

"Soviet." At least according to Democratic Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine who excoriated the House's attempt to override city and county rules and House Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Land O'Lakes.

Corcoran has "never run anything," Levine told the Times/Herald, which he said explains why his chamber is moving ahead with HB 7, legislation that would ban local government regulations on business unless the state gives explicit permission and repeal existing rules in 2020. It's entirely "political," Levine said.

"Soviet-style central planning doesn't usually work very well, as evidenced by the fact that the Soveit Union collapsed," he said. "What worked in Moscow didn't necessarily work in aanother Soviet city."

Levine has a reason beyond protecting his city's home rule to lash out against Corcoran: Both men are likely gubernatorial candidates in 2018. 

Photo: José A. Iglesias, Miami Herald