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Rick Scott hangs out with Donald Trump in Washington

via @learyreports

WASHINGTON -- In Tallahassee, a battle looms with House Speaker Richard Corcoran, but here, Gov. Rick Scott has had a remarkable few days.

On Friday Scott was elected vice chairman of the Republican Governors Association. Saturday, he had lunch with President Trump and watched "La La Land" at the White House then went out to dinner with commander-in-chief at Trump International Hotel.

Sunday night, Scott was taking selfies with Ivanka Trump at the White House Governors’ Ball.

“For a guy that grew up in public housing, to be able to have lunch at the White House and watch a movie at the White House and then go to dinner with the president, it’s pretty amazing,” Scott told reporters Monday afternoon.

Amid the socializing, Scott said he spoke with Trump about getting rid of Obamacare, deeming it an “absolute mess.” He again called for flexibility with Medicaid.

“We have a mess and we’ve got to fix it. We can’t be wobbly kneed, we can’t say, ‘Oh gosh how are we going to do this?’ We’ve got to repeal and replace Obamacare," Scott declared.

But that job is proving more difficult for Republicans, some who have shifted from talk of a repeal to mending the Affordable Care Act. Combative town hall meetings this month have put lawmakers on the defensive.

Scott said Trump, who has said he'll soon reveal a plan, mainly listened to ideas.

Scott also met Monday with Betsy DeVos and Elaine Chao, respectively the secretaries of education and transportation. 

His Washington adventure continues Tuesday when Scott will be on Capitol Hill then attend Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress.

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times