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Jeb Bush makes endorsement in Coral Gables mayor's race

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One of the more notable residents of the City Beautiful, recent presidential candidate and former Gov. Jeb Bush, has thrown his support behind Coral Gables mayoral candidate Raúl Valdés-Fauli.

Bush’s endorsement was announced Monday in a press release from the Valdés-Fauli campaign.

“I’ve rarely entered the fray to lend support for a local candidate. This is different," Bush said in a statement. "I’ve known Raúl for nearly 40 years and long admired his integrity, competence and vision for our community.” 

Valdés-Fauli, a registered Democrat, is seeking the nonpartisan mayoral seat in Coral Gables, a position he held from 1993 to 2001. Bush is a Republican.

“His endorsement means the world to me, but even more important than his political support is his friendship,” Valdés-Fauli said in a statement.

Valdés-Fauli has also been endorsed by incumbent Mayor Jim Cason, a Republican.

The mayoral hopeful has set up shop in the same Calle Ocho location, 5430 SW Eighth St., that housed Bush’s Miami field office during his presidential campaign.

He’s running against another well-known name in the Gables, Commissioner Jeannett Slesnick, whose husband, Don, defeated Valdés-Fauli in 2001. Like Valdés-Fauli, Jeannett Slesnick is also a Democrat.

The Gables election is set for April 11 and a runoff election, if needed, will be held April 25.


Photo credit: Pedro Portal, el Nuevo Herald