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Labor union targets Curbelo on 'Trumpcare'


A liberal labor organization has begun a web campaign urging Miami Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo to oppose the House GOP's healthcare legislation.

UNITE HERE is going after 15 Republicans in moderate districts with its "Don't Tax Our Health Care" campaign, which includes web ads, direct mail, neighborhood canvassing and protests outside lawmakers' offices, according to the organization.

“Trumpcare is a disaster for working people,”UNITE HERE President D. Taylor said in a statement. “It fulfills none of the promises that Trump and the Republicans ran on. Where’s the better coverage at lower costs? How does this rein in out-of-pocket and prescription drug costs? The truth is Trumpcare isn’t about fixing the ACA with ‘insurance for everybody’ that would be ‘much less expensive and much better,’ as President Trump promised. It’s about destroying it with a half a trillion-dollar tax cut for the rich on the backs of the poor, the sick, and the vast majority of Americans who get coverage through work.”

Curbelo is getting hit from all sides on the healthcare plan, which is scheduled for a House vote on Thursday. A political committee affiliated with Speaker Paul Ryan is imploring the congressman to back the legislation. Curbelo already voted for it once, on the Ways and Means Committee, but has since noted he has "concerns" after the Congressional Budget Office found millions of Americans would drop or lose insurance coverage.