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Liberal group to run ad in Palm Beach bashing Trump



A TV ad by a liberal women's group bashing President Donald Trump will air this weekend in Palm Beach County while the president is at his Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach.

The ad by UltraViolet is named "More Popular than Donald Trump."

Here is the script:  

"Donald Trump think's he's really great, but Americans don't agree. Here are just a few things that are more popular than Trump:

People who support the Affordable Care Act - 54%
People who believe in safe, legal access to abortion - 70%
People who support paid family leave - 72%
People who like Nickelback? 39%
People who approve of Donald Trump - 38%
The numbers are in Donald, and America wants the Affordable Care Act, Abortion Access, Paid Family Leave and even Nickelback more than they support you."

UltraViolet was citing a poll by Quinnipiac University released Feb. 22 which showed Trump's approval rating at 38 percent. A Real Clear Politics average of polls between Feb. 15 and March 2 shows an approval rating of 43.8 percent.

Check out UltraViolet's Truth-O-Meter from PolitiFact.