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South Florida cares about climate change more than many other places


The New York Times has created an interesting set of maps, using data from Yale University researchers, about how much people in congressional districts across the country care about climate change -- and South Florida consistently sticks out as a place where the issue is important.

A majority of South Florida adults think global warming will harm people in the U.S. -- and harm them, personally, as can be seen on the maps to the left. Note how South Florida sticks out in the personal harm map compared to the rest of the Eastern Seaboard.

Researchers also found a split within Florida, with South Florida more concerned about global warming than their North Florida counterparts.

According to the Times:

In Florida, the effects of climate change, including sunny-day flooding, are being felt across the state. But the state shows a distinct north-south split in the level of concern over global warming, and it is not a simple Democrat-versus-Republican distinction, said State Representative Kristin D. Jacobs, a Democrat.

A third map shows that South Floridians talk about climate change relatively frequently, compared to the rest of the country:

But aside from Southeast Florida, which has put so much effort into making discussion of climate change a priority, much of the rest of the Atlantic Coast is less likely to engage in climate discussions, despite recent increases in tidal flooding.