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Will President Trump drop in on veterans' event at Mar-a-Lago?


President Donald Trump will hold a two-day summit at Mar-a-Lago Thursday and Friday with Chinese President Xi Jinping. But that doesn't mean the other action at Trump's Palm Beach country club will come to a halt.

To wit: Thursday evening, Mar-a-Lago will host a private screening of "VA: The Human Cost of War," a documentary on the "history, failures, and successes of the Veterans Administration," according to a news release sent Tuesday. The event, from 6-9:15 p.m., will include a reception and panel discussion titled, "What do we owe our veterans?"

The documentary, by filmmaker Ric Burns, was created, funded and produced by Palm Beach philanthropist Lois Pope, a veterans advocate, Mar-a-Lago member and Trump friend.

So...might the president stop by the soiree, as he's been known to do when he's in town?

"While we know that the President is aware of the event and will be at Mar-A-Lago, there is no indication at this time that he will attend our event," publicist Alison Dyer told the Miami Herald in an email.

Trump is aware of the event because he was invited, Dyer added.

"Mrs. Pope and Pres. Trump have been very close friends for three decades. In fact, when he bought Mar-a-Lago, he asked her to be membership chair because she knows everyone in Palm Beach," she said. "She wrote him a letter about the event on Thursday and then saw him at Mar-a-Lago on St. Patrick’s Day (she spends holiday dinners at the place), and he told her that if he can be there he will because veterans issues are so important to him."

Photo credit: Susan Walsh, Associated Press