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Fact-checking Richard Corcoran's misleading tweet about education bill negotiations


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Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran says his critics are wrong that the main education bill was hammered out behind closed doors.

"Time to end the myth of ‘legislation negotiated in secret.’  #transparency #HB7069#PutKidsFirst," Corcoran tweeted May 12.

Corcoran tweeted that it is "fiction" to say that the "best and brightest teachers and principals provision in HB 7069 was NOT made public."

"Fact: these provisions were contained in HB 7069 which was filed on March 10, 2017 passed two committees and the House 79-38 on April 13th, 2017."

We found the original legislation about teacher bonuses for the "best and brightest" was unveiled and voted on in public; however, the final version of the bill and important details were negotiated out of the public eye.

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