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Florida concealed weapons permit holders exposed in computer hack


More than 16,000 concealed weapons permit holders in Florida may have had their names accidently made public because of a data breach at the The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Agency officials released a statement saying concealed weapons licensees who renewed online may have had their names accessed. In addition, 469 other customers have been notified that their social security numbers may have been hacked as part of the breach.

“Other information possibly accessed per the data breach is all public information and poses no risk of identity theft,” a statement from the Department of Agriculture said. “The breach occurred through the online payment system; although, the hackers were unsuccessful in obtaining any financial information. The department takes cybersecurity seriously and acted quickly to mitigate the effects of this breach. The privacy of the department’s customers is a top priority and will remain so.”

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who is running for governor in 2018, has ordered a comprehensive review of the department’s cybersecurity measures

The 16,000 concealed weapons permit holders represents less than one percent of the total number of concealed weapons licensees.

Permit holders who may have been affected by the data breach are being instructed to call  1-800-350-1119 for more information.