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Marco Rubio group gets $7M donation from mystery donor

via @learyreports

A single donor gave a “social welfare” group supporting Marco Rubio for president $7 million, according to new records, and the identity and motivations of that person may never be known.

The Center for Responsive Politics found the donation in the tax filing for the group, Conservative Solutions Project. A year before, CSP reported a $13.5 million donation from a single person, also anonymous.

Rubio has said the identity of this person or persons is “irrelevant.”

“Because as far as I’m concerned, if someone decides to be helpful, they are buying into my agenda,” he told the Tampa Bay Times last year when the first donation was revealed. “My agenda’s in writing. … And as a result of that agenda, I had people that were for me and I had people that were against me.”

The pro-Rubio “dark money” group paved new ground in the presidential race, just as Jeb Bush did by raising tens of millions for a super PAC (which must disclose donors) before he became an official candidate. Watchdog groups filed complaints but nothing has come of them.

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times