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One way or another, Miami lawmaker expects he won't be in Florida House next year


TALLAHASSEE -- State Rep. Jose Felix Diaz plans to give his Florida House farewell speech on Monday, the last scheduled day of the legislative session.

That normally wouldn't be news, if Diaz were term-limited. But he's not.

Instead, the Miami Republican has asked to say good-bye because he expects to be gone from the House one way or another before the 2018 session.

Diaz, a lawyer, is a finalist for the Miami U.S. attorney job under President Donald Trump. But even if he doesn't get appointed to the high-profile gig, he intends to run for the state Senate seat vacated by former Republican Sen. Frank Artiles.

If Diaz runs, then his Republican colleague and friend state Rep. Jeanette Nuñez, the House speaker pro tempore, won't seek the Senate seat, Nuñez told the Miami Herald on Thursday.

Nuñez could, however, wind up with a committee chairmanship with the imminent departure of Diaz, the regulatory affairs committee chair, or of Rep. Carlos Trujillo, the appropriations committee chair who is being considered for an ambassadorship.

Photo credit: Steve Cannon, Associated Press