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South Florida congressman wants Trump to pay for Mar-a-Lago travel

via @learyreports

WASHINGTON -- This bill won’t go anywhere, but give Rep. Alcee Hastings creative points with the TRUMPED Act, aka Taxpayers Require Urgent Mandatory Protection from Egregious Debt Act of 2017:

“Since President Donald John Trump’s election, my Congressional offices have received numerous calls and letters expressing concern over his use of Mar-a-lago as an almost weekly retreat. His constant use of his own property is padding his own pockets with taxpayer money, while significantly harming local businesses and straining primary law enforcement agencies to the brink. For instance, over just one holiday alone, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office was forced to absorb $250,000 in unforeseen expenses.

“It is offensive that President Trump insists on a budget that unequivocally, and without mercy, attacks hardworking Americans, and then has the audacity to turn around and insist that our local police officers, first responders and small businesses suffer under his insistence that he be allowed to enjoy a lavish life style at taxpayer expense.

“That is why I introduced the TRUMPED Act. The bill is based on a simple premise: if President Trump wants to make continual use of his properties, then he may do so, but he can't have taxpayers foot the bill.”

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times