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AC goes out in Miami's Artime Theater just in time for Trump speech



On stage at Miami's Manuel Artime Theater, President Donald Trump had nothing but good things to say about Miami. Well, except for the heat.

"I don’t even mind that it is 110 degrees up here," Trump said, drawing laughter. "This room is packed. You know, it wasn’t designed for this."

Actually, it was.

The city of Miami, which owns the theater, just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a brand new, 80-ton air conditioning unit. But the theater's cooling system went down after nearly 1,000 people had poured in to see Trump roll out his new Cuba policy.

The malfunction created a stuffy atmosphere, and a slightly embarrassing scenario for the city.

"It shut down for about 20 to 25 minutes right before the president actually showed up," Daniel Rotenberg, Miami's director of real estate and asset management, said of the air conditioning system. "It was running for two weeks straight before this ... We really tried to have it set up. It was just a perfect storm I guess."

Rotenberg blamed the problem on a malfunction involving a computer system that runs the high-tech A/C unit. He said the system was blowing at 50 degrees earlier Friday, but is so new that it hasn't been fully "set up" yet.

Further complicating matters, a vendor tasked with fixing the problem ran into a roadblock when the Secret Service denied their employees entry into the building after Trump began his speech, Rotenberg said. He said a second vendor was able to help get the system back up and running before Trump finished his speech, but by that time the theater had warmed to the point that people in the audience realized the AC had stopped running.

Including Trump.