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Andrew Gillum: FBI says I'm 'not the focus of investigation' into city of Tallahassee

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Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum said in a formal statement Friday that he spoke with the FBI last week about its probe into redevelopment deals in the city, and he said FBI officials "assured me I was not the focus of an investigation."

Gillum's statement was distributed to media through a city of Tallahassee spokesman, not Gillum's 2018 Democratic campaign for governor.

His lengthy comments come a day after the Associated Press reported that the FBI had launched its investigation, which the AP said involves prominent business owners and developers in Tallahassee, including a former campaign treasurer for Gillum.

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The AP said it received copies of federal grand jury subpoenas through a records request. The subpoenas seek documents from the city and a local redevelopment agency. Gillum was not named in the subpoenas, the AP reported, and the subpoenas did not reveal what potential wrongdoing federal authorities were specifically investigating.

Gillum's only comment Thursday had come through his gubernatorial campaign, when political spokesman Geoff Burgan said: "We expect the city to respond fully and completely to the subpoena, and we hope the situation is resolved quickly."

On Friday, Gillum himself offered more details in his official capacity as city mayor. Here's his complete statement:

“Last week the FBI approached me about several people and businesses here in Tallahassee. I spoke with them, and told them they could expect both the City and my personal cooperation with their investigation. They assured me I was not the focus of an investigation, and that they would be moving quickly with their work. 

“I take any allegation of corruption in the City of Tallahassee very seriously, and I am committed to rooting it out in its entirety. If corruption has taken place in our city, those parties must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. We will not tolerate, enable, or turn a blind eye to corruption.

“While no one likes the City being under the FBI’s scrutiny, in light of what is happening nationally, we must remember that the FBI is here to protect us and we must aid them in their work. They have my full support and cooperation as the Mayor, and the full cooperation of the City of Tallahassee.”

In responding to questions from the Herald/Times, a city spokesman added that Gillum was alone when he spoke with FBI officials last week and he has not retained a personal attorney.

Photo credit: Kristen M. Clark / Herald/Times Tallahassee bureau

*This post has been updated with additional comment from the city.