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That time Sarah Palin used a Florida House photo as a Paris climate deal meme


An old photo of happy Republican members of the Florida House has somehow become an internet meme shared by former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Palin posted the meme on her verified Facebook page Tuesday. 

"Don't Be Fooled! The Paris Climate Accord is a SCAM," it reads. "They pretend it's about fixing our environment... But it's REALLY about stealing Billions from the American people and giving it to foreign companies, countries and lobbyists!"

But, inexplicably, the photo is of several current and former Florida House members -- including Will Weatherford, Jimmy Patronis, Scott Plakon, Chris Dorworth, all Republicans -- apparently rejoicing in some sort of legislative victory completely unrelated to climate change or the Paris accord.

Palin's post had 8,133 shares as of Wednesday morning, and 507 comments.

UPDATE: Palin deleted her post, without explanation, Wednesday afternoon.

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