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Florida elections chief Ken Detzner tells Trump voter fraud commission it will comply with part of request



Florida agreed Thursday to comply with a request from President Donald Trump’s voter-fraud commission to provide extensive voter roll data — but only partially.

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner said the state will provide the data that is publicly available, but will not hand over any information on voters that is not public, including driver license numbers or social security information.

The Presidential Advisory Commission for Voter Integrity sent a letter on June 28 to state election officials asking them to hand over voter data by July 14. The commission requested a long list of information “if publicly available under the laws of your state,” including voters’ names, registration status, political party affiliation, voting history, partial social security numbers and other information.


The vast majority of states have said they will not comply with all or part of the data request. Detzner replied in a letter to the commission Thursday.

“We are glad to continuing following Florida’s public records law by providing the requested information to you that is publicly available. Although most of the information you’ve requested is available to the public in Florida, we cannot fully comply with your entire request,” he wrote. “Driver’s license information and social security numbers are not, and cannot be provided under section 97.0585, Florida statutes.”

The state will also not provide other exempt information such as voter data about law enforcement, judges or prosecutors and domestic violence victims.

Many Democratic politicians and candidates sent letters to Detzner urging him not to comply with the commission’s request.

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