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Gov. Scott expects storm surge to flood his Naples home

Scott in eoc 2 0910
via @ByKristenMClark

TALLAHASSEE -- Florida Gov. Rick Scott owns a waterfront mansion in Naples that he says should see 10 to 15 feet of storm surge because of Hurricane Irma.

“So, we’ll see. I just can’t imagine it’s not going to have water all through the whole house,” he told reporters Sunday afternoon when he was asked about the status of the home as Irma moves up Florida’s west coast.

But he added, “It’s nothing new... you can replace a house.”

“I was more worried— my daughter just had two little babies. She’s further inland, and so I was more worried about her,” he said.

His daughter Allison, her husband Pierre and their five sons — including two-week-old twin boys — had evacuated to the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee on Friday to join Scott and his wife, Ann

But now with the capital city poised to be in Irma’s path on Monday, Scott told reporters they didn’t stick around.

“They actually went to D.C. today,” he said. “They had come up here but it doesn’t make sense — when it looks like we might be hit up here — for them to be here, especially with five little boys.”

--KRISTEN M. CLARK, Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau