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Putnam: Florida readies millions of servings of food for post-Irma

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Florida agriculture officials say they are preparing millions of servings of food so that storm victims can quickly receive aid after Hurricane Irma hits.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said Wednesday that the state Division of Food, Nutrition and Wellness has ready:

-- 6.3 million servings of meat, eggs, nut butters, and beans;

-- 3.8 million servings of canned and frozen vegetables;

-- 2.6 million servings of cheese; 

-- 1.6 million servings of canned fruit and applesauce; and

-- 120,000 dehydrated meals for delivery to mass care agencies in preparation for landfall.

“We are doing everything we can to support statewide disaster preparedness efforts so we can quickly address arising needs in the wake of Hurricane Irma,” Putnam said in a statement.

Photo credit: AP