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U.S. marshals served David Rivera last week at Orlando airport


U.S. marshals served former Congressman David Rivera a week ago at the Orlando airport, finally giving the Miami Republican formal notification that the Federal Election Commission has sued him.

Rivera, who had evaded marshals since July, showed up to the Florida Legislature on Tuesday and feigned ignorance of the case against him. But records show he had already been served when he told Politico Florida reporters he didn't know what lawsuit they were asking him about.

The court filing appeared to show that Rivera had been served Oct. 18. But that turned out to be a record that a new summons had been issued, not actually served. The summons wasn't delivered to Rivera until 4 p.m. on Oct. 20 at Orlando International Airport, according to a new filing posted Friday.

Rivera or his attorney, if he designates one, now has until Nov. 13 to respond to the lawsuit.