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Florida's new mobile app for car tags -- and what it will cost you

Florida is offering a new mobile app for car and vessel registration renewals, giving motorists the opportunity to complete tag transactions on their smartphones or tablets.

You can avoid standing in line at your local tax collector’s office or tag agency, but you’ll also pay a $4 credit card processing fee for the convenience -- or $3.75 if a checking account is used. You can renew up to five vehicles and/or vessels and you’ll be charged a fee once.

Motorists can still renew tags in an office or online at

“It’s important to offer services on mobile platforms and remain responsive to customer expectations,” the state highway safety agency said in a memo to tax collectors. A technical memo said no personal information will be returned in the app and motorist address changes aren’t permitted.

The state contracted with Tal Search Group, which subcontracted with PayIt, LLC, for a mobile application called MyFlorida.

Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano noted that tax collectors can charge a credit card processing fee of 2.5 percent, or $2.50 on renewals that cost $100. Most renewals cost less than that.

“I’m not opposed to giving people more choices,” said Fasano, whose office already has a mobile app. “I just want people to know the cost.”