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Rubio expresses concern about House GOP tax plan

Marco Rubio 3


Marco Rubio has been touting the importance of expanding the nation's child tax credit to $2,000 as Congress discusses a potential overhaul of the nation's tax code for the first time since Ronald Reagan's presidency. 

But the initial tax overhaul blueprint released by House Republicans on Thursday only expands the credit to $1,600 from the current cap of $1,000. 

That doesn't sit well with Rubio. 

“Every other element of tax reform has a lobbying corps dedicated to pushing for it,” Rubio said last week. “There is no lobbying corps for the expanded child tax credit. We have to ensure that is not the reason that somehow at the end of this we look at this and say, ‘Yeah they increased the child tax credit, its $1,500.’”

On Thursday morning, Rubio said on Twitter that the "House Tax Reform plan is only starting point. But $600 Child Tax Credit increase doesn’t achieve our and POTUS' goal of helping working families." 

Rubio has been working closely with Ivanka Trump and Utah Sen. Mike Lee on an expanded child tax credit. Ideally, Rubio would like to expand the credit beyond $2,000, but said that $2,000 is the minimum amount that will help working-class families. 

"There's no way we can pass tax reform, there's no way we get 50 or 51 votes in the Senate and commensurate votes in the House to pass tax reform if, when you run the numbers, you show that a couple making $55,000 a year raising three kids are going to get a tax increase," Rubio said. "There's no way you’re going to get the votes for that." 

Rubio said last week that he will vote against any tax plan that does not sufficiently expand the child tax credit.